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Build Your Dream House



- A house of your dream isn’t just a house.
- It’s a place to belong.
- It’s a place for love, laughter, and sweet memories.
- Find yourself in a neighborhood that begs you to take pleasure in small comforts of life.
- In wide, open spaces that have a way of moving people, bringing them closer, and making them friends.
- Our approach is simple – An independent, spacious, comfortable and practical home with touches of modern simplicity and impeccable address.
- Welcome to MetroTown® – Symbol Of Good Living.

We don’t just promise an easy life, We believe in making sure you enjoy one. No matter how beautifully well equipped your house is, small day to day problems remains a part of your day to day life.
Any issues with electricity, plumbing, parking cleaning.. and what not, a resident manager will always be a call away for all your needs. Managing a smooth life is our commitment to you.

- Flooring

- Wall Finishes

- Balcony

- Railings

- Store Room

- Staircase

- Chimney

- Fallceiling

- Doors & Windows Frames

- Electrical

- Plumbing & Sanitary Ware